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Download Root Genius for a Genius Root on your Android

Rooting is the best way to modify your system files by coming out of the ordinary frame of Android default settings. There are number tools to get root, but Root Genius is the simplest and easiest rooting application you can have for a genius root on your Android.

Why Root Genius

The tool Root Genius has implemented with easy settings and user friendly format and that has become the reason why Root Genius stands over the other similar applications. Most of the time rooting sounds terrible as it forces user to go through complicated procedures, number of downloads and clicks. But if you find the best tool to match with your software version, rooting will be a simple procedure in just one or two clicks.

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Root Genius is one of the popular one click root applications which can root your Android just in one click. When we are considering about other applications, Root Genius comes in front as it is made of easy guidelines and implementation.

Features of Root Genius

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As we mentioned Root genius is compatible with a wide range of devices running Android. In fact it supports more than 10,000 devices including Samsung, Google, HTC, Xiaomi, SONY, LG, Huawei, Motorola and more including the latest. In compatibility wise Root Genius is free of troubles, as it runs for a wide range of Android devices. Not only for devices, Root Genius is rich in support to the Android versions as well.

Android Compatibility for Root Genius Application

How to root with Root Genius

Prior to the rooting process it is must to have a complete backup of your device's data, as these programs might change the internals of Android file management system. In addition you should remember to disable anti-virus programs if you have installed. And make sure you are having at least 60% of battery strength. And finally enable USB debugging mode by go to settings > Developer Options > USB debugging. If you fine with the prerequisites you have only few steps ahead to get root on your Android with Root Genius.

Root with Root Genius APK

This APK format is for those who are not using a desktop computer, in fact you can directly get the application on your Android and run it.

Root Genius Video Tutorial

That is all you have to do in order to gain root privileges with Root genius, if you are successfully done you will be able to notify "Kinguser" in application section. For more you can use a root checker app to confirm that you are successfully rooted.


Rooting definitely voids your device's warranty as you are going out of the Android fences. However Root genius will not make problems to serious conditions if you follow with the updated tool version in support to your Device model. So always check with the compatibility prior to run the program as some versions may fail in rooting depending on the solidity of your device models. When making connections you have to use a compatible USB cable and do not forget to keep your device rested within the process, without going for different operations.

Root Genius latest version

Root genius is under time changes and updates, in fact it gets improved with time. Developers are focused on adding improved versions in respect to changes with Android Operating System. At the moment ROOT GENIUS V3.1.7 is the latest updated tool version to support more Android versions and device models.

Developer credits

Root Genius application is a work by Chinese developer team Shuame. At first it has developed in Chinese and then came to English in order to provide an extensive support. There are many rivals for Root Genius, but its user support and easy implementation makes Root Genius best in rooting. You can download Root genius from the Official website also.

Root Genius is the most convenient way to get root on your Android with a highest success rate. In any case if you need to reverse the root, you can easily do it with Root Genius as simply as rooting with this tool. There is a large difference between a rooted and non-rooted device in related to the performance. So Root Genius is the best application you can try to boost you device's processing.