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iRoot is developed by Mgyun team who released vRoot while ago. iRoot apk is the best vRoot alternative and best Android rooting software which supported almost any Android smartphone or tablet PC. iRoot download supported for Android 2.2 through 4.4 running devices and more than 150000 models with various brand names. iroot APK v3.2.4 uses one of the most advanced iRoot Android rooting engine technique which guarantee more than 95% success rate with maximum security. Rooting with iRoot is completely reversible. You can root or unroot your device in single click. You can download iRoot for PC or iRoot android and iroot guide below

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iRoot 3.2.4 is the latest version with many improvements and bug fixes in the APK category. You can download iRoot on your desktop PC if you choose the PC version or can download directly on your Android device with the latest APK support. iRoot apk is available for standalone rooting from Android devices it self and now finds with the update of version 3.2.4.

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iRoot APK Supported Devices and Android Versions

iRoot supported Android 2.2 - 4.4 running devices. Currently we have note that iroot apk had successful rooting on more than 150000 various Android devices which we can't list all of the here. Please try download and run to check whether your device is supported.

iRoot 2.2.1 - Guided Android Rooting

iRoot 2.2.1 is the latest update for the PC which supports through Windows running desktop PC. If you have failed with the APK due to any reason, it is wise to turn the PC version which is anyway stable for all.

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iRoot developed and distributed by Mgyun team. We do not hold any copyright or ownership of this tool. iRoot download is an independent website which re-distributes iRoot.